Welcome to the ChampagneClub !

As a member of the “ChampagneClub” you and your guests will be able to enjoy “A Glass Of House Champagne On The House”,when dining at the top London restaurants listed on our website. All you need to do is simply show your personalised ChampagneClub membership card on arrival.

So whether you are going out for Lunch, Dinner or Supper (minimum of 2 courses per person), you can use your ChampagneClub membership card for yourself and up to 7 of your guests to each enjoy “A Glass Of House Champagne On The House”, an unlimited number of times throughout the year.  Membership lasts for 12 months at £120. When you join, your personalised ChampagneClub membership card will be delivered direct to your door within around 2 -3 days!

Giving a ChampagneClub membership to your Friends, Family, Neighbours, Business Colleagues and Associates is the perfect present - whether for a Birthday, Christmas or just to say Thank You!!!

If you would like to give a membership as a gift, we can deliver it directly to the gift recipient, wrapped with a personalised gift tag and message from you. Click here to buy as a gift.

Why buy a ChampagneClub membership as a gift?

Your gift will have a life span of 12 months, much longer than flowers - Every time “A Welcoming Glass Of House Champagne On The House” arrives at the table for the member and up to 7 of their dining guests you will be thought of. If it’s used over once per month the value over the year could be well over £1,000!

It’s truly unisex – Both girls and guys love Champagne – it’s elegant and always a treat!! It can be given as a gift to anyone aged between 18 to 100+ who enjoys going out and being taken out, to Lunch, Dinner or Supper in London.

One size fits all - No more worrying if your gift fits that person or goes with that colour scheme/design of their home etc. The ChampagneClub membership card is the size of a credit card, so easily fits into a wallet or handbag. Just have a look at our website to view the full list of restaurants that are registered with and to see their profiles.

Easy to Wrap, Carry and/or Post – As it’s small and compact it’s the perfect gift to take with you. It won’t take up much room in your case or bag, it won’t break, get squashed or leak!!

If your favourite restaurants are not listed with us, email us their names and we will send them information about the ChampagneClub.

Every day we are adding new restaurants where you can enjoy “A Glass Of House Champagne On The House”.


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If you want to get in touch with us please click through to the email form or alternatively contact Catherine, our Membership Secretary, by telephone on 08000 723 713 (Freephone) or 07582 207 855 (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm).






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To offer our members and their dining guests “ A Welcoming Glass of House Champagne On The House” (min of 2 courses per person), contact our Publisher.